Louis Vuitton store window in ParisPARIS, Jan 30, 2008 / FW/ — Are luxury companies truly feeling the economic pinch? Last Jan 24, the Wall Street Journal reported that Louis Vuitton, the world’s biggest luxury brand, raised the prices of its luxury handbags and clothing lines in U.S. stores by 5%. Today, the quintessential luxury house announced that it is launching its ‘first ever on-screen corporate campaign’ with the launch of a ‘90-second spot for Louis Vuitton to appear on television and in movie theaters starting Feb. 15 in some 15 countries and run through 2008.’

Shot in France, Spain, India and Japan, the travel-themed ad entitled, ‘Where will life take you?’ is artsy, even dreamlike with only fleeting glimpses of leather goods and a soundtrack of stirring guitar music. And unlike Louis Vuitton’s print ads that usually feature celebrities, the commercial shows misty and sun-dappled images of ordinary people in exotic locales as questions like ‘What is a journey?’ flash on the screen.

In an interview with WWD, Antoine Arnault, Louis Vuitton’s head of communications, explained that ‘it was the time to speak through a new media,’ as the reason behind the launch of a TV ad.

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