Blanc de ChineDALLAS, Jan 8, 2008 / FW/ — On the eve of the start of the Fall 2008 menswear season, the Spring 2008 collections hit stores and on the menswear collections that deserve more than a second look is Kin Yeung’s Blanc de Chine.

Yeung, whose signature style is weaving something old, (as in an element from China’s rich 5,000 year history) into something new – a modern and more westernized silhouette, opted to highlight the men of the Cultural Revolution and the traditional male.

Suits with Mao collars and jackets based on the Hanfu silhouette were paired with loose fitting pants that were based on the traditional male Chinese costume.

What makes these looks interesting is that though the inspiration could easily be determined, the final look is actually modern. Edgy without looking rock & roll, slim fitting without over-defining the muscles, the Spring 2008 Blanc de Chine menswear collection is easy to wear and also easy on the eyes.

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Blanc de Chine Blanc de Chine Blanc de Chine Blanc de Chine

(Photos courtesy of Blanc de Chine)