Diego Dolcini Boutique
Diego Dolcini Boutique

MILAN, Apr 13, 2008 / FW/ — With the teaser ‘every shoe needs a box,’ Diego Dolcini already caught the attention of shoe lovers. When it was announced that young designer created Martino Gamper the boutique, the fashionistas and the artsy crowd was more than interested.

Envisioned as a special project rather than a classic retail space concept, the new Diego Dolcini boutique scheduled to open on Friday, April 18 at Via Gerolamo Morone 8 here in Milan looks like a site-specific installation based on the elegant black Diego Dolcini shoebox.

An interaction between fashion, art and design, the Diego Dolcini boutique used the shoebox as a structural, functional and decorative element. This component seems to repeat istle endlessly, becoming focal point in spectacular accumulations and divisions in the space.

In fact, Gamper has created more than one hundred copies in different woods. These are then stacked to form a unique system of display-containers for boxes, models and collections of Diego Dolcini shoes.

The shoes are evoked, omnipresent, even if and when they are invisible; they thus become the absolute focus of the space, designed as a continuum of front and back, window display and storage.

The first designed to date by Martino Gamper, the Diego Dolcini boutique offered the space and new expressive possibilities to his work as a designer and creator of wooden furnishings. Reinventing the meaning and function of the commercial context; making it into a symbolic, evocative, poetic space, Martino Gamper creates fascinating, mysterious stage of emotions and aesthetic expressions.

Diego Dolcini Boutique Opening
Friday April 18, 2008
Cocktails from 5:00 – 8:00 PM
Via Gerolamo Morone 8