Soo Jung Sung and Ivanka Georgiev on the runway
Soo Jung Sung and Ivanka Georgiev on the runway

DALLAS, May 7, 2008 / FW/ — With the knowledge that a good textile design will have a positive effect on the silhouettes, Fashion Design graduate Soo Jung Sung and Textile Design graduate Ivanka Georgiev collaborated for their graduation collection and pushed their creativity to its limits without restrictions producing unexpected results.

Korea native Soo Jung Sun found inspiration for her collection in the movie Blue Swallow (Cheong-yeon) about Park Kyung-won, the first female aviator in Korea. Park Kyung-won, who lived during the early 1900s when Korean society was conservative and discriminative against women, the heroine had passion and an independent spirit for her job.

Translating that passion and independent of spirit into silhouettes, Soo Jung reinterpreted the early Korean pilot uniforms and early 1900s Asian influences.

Bulgaria native Ivanka Georgiev used the pilot’s point of view overlooking the land from above for her textile inspiration. Instead of using the more traditional patchwork approach to represent the land, she combined textile techniques with hand drawing to create the feel of paintings.

Georgiev bonded newsprint paper and brown paper to the base fabric, applied pigments using silkscreen techniques and drew patterns using a knife. For some, she used a chef’s torch to create a burnout effect. The overall impression is that of an art piece instead of a typical printed textile.


Photo by Randy Brooke, courtesy of AAU

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