Alessandro Dell'Acqua Menswear Spring 2009
Alessandro Dell'Acqua Menswear Spring 2009

MILAN, Jun 24, 2008 / FW/ — The high school social class called ‘nerd’ disappeared with the advent of the internet. The once ‘socially unacceptable’ interest in computers has become a must-have if one has to be ‘cool’ and in turn be ‘in.’ In short, smart is the new sexy.

And this is who Alessandro Dell’Acqua is focusing on for Spring / Summer 2009. The silhouette is slim, the fit ‘just right’ – neither snug nor loose. It’s not varsity; it’s not street either; it’s neutral dressing in the sense that it is acceptable by the opposite extremes of the dressing spectrum.

But, don’t think that by being ‘neutral’ it is boring. Dell’Acqua made sure that the stripes and the prints catch your attention. As for the solids, the combinations of electric blue and black, salmon and dark green made it very dramatic.

For the fashion risk takers, this collection might be too tame; for the more traditional dressers, this collection might be too avant-garde. But, for those who want to be different, yet blend in the crowd without losing their individuality, this collection is perfect.


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