Giuliano Fujiwara Menswear Spring 2009
Giuliano Fujiwara Menswear Spring 2009

MILAN, Jun 27, 2008/ FW/ — Using technology to reference nature, Giuliano Fujiwara, came up with an innovating and compelling collection for Spring Summer 2009. As time passes and the ‘new cool’ changes, so do the people along with it. Technology has slowly worked its way into heart of fashion as have the techies behind it. There is no longer such a thing as a computer geek and Giuliano Fujiwara knows this and designs for those who 10 years ago might not have been cool but now are the hottest things.

The S/S collection is based on a play of classics, proportions and textures. Techies have taken to heart their past dorkyness and have invented a new cool that breaches the edge of futuristic. Mid-calf length pants are worn with cool confidence as are all-over bold graphic prints. Colors play on the intangible parts of nature from the ever changing surface of the sea to its deep mysterious depths.

In these places gravity is changed and although still on earth the rules are not the same. Whether in the far corners of the earth or the vast depths of the internet, the Giuliano Fujiwara man makes his own rules and defines his own life.

High glosses, sheer knits and medium sheens are blended together to represent this lack of rules. Jacket sleeves may reach the wrist or be cut off a few inches after the elbow. Proportions have no standards to follow; shorts and jackets get shorter while hats are elongated and bags are enlarged.

Bracelet’s and necklaces made of plastic and wood add depth to relaxed silhouettes. This mix of natural and synthetic materials also plays a role in the fabric content. For knitwear, wood and milk fibers are mixed with cashmere. For a crease proof fabric used for hand-made small jacktes, a combination of wool and mohair are used. Fujiwara even finds away to use the same fibre you find in Japanese paper, by blending it with cotton.

Giuliano Fujiwara may be grounded on earth but he see’s clearly where rules are meant to be broken and where that can easily be done. His collection is a fresh take menswear and an innovative journey into textiles. The collection not only looks ahead but, in some ways leads the path.


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