Krizia Uomo Spring 2009
Krizia Uomo Spring 2009

MILAN, Jun 25, 2008 / FW/ — Green grass and green plants, Krizia Uomo opted for a natural runway to emphasize comfort and nature as evidenced by the choice of natural fibers such as flax and cotton.

With being ‘green’ the hottest political issue worldwide, naysayers had been criticizing fashion houses and designers who support the cause, saying that it is only about publicity. So, many houses keep mum about the subject, many of them choosing to do exactly what Krizia is doing, making a statement on the runway not on a press release.

Sending loose fitting summer sweaters and lightweight cashmere cardigans, the Krizia gent understands comfort and luxury are not mutually exclusive; that in actuality, they should go together.

Hence, the softest fabrics tailored to perfection resulted to smoking jackets with rounded shoulders and four-button double-breasted suits that look comfy and elegant at the same time. Ties are optional, but when worn it’s either the formal bowtie or thin neckties.

The sustainable fashion debate will go on for a long time. With houses as high profile as Krizia giving its support, the industry will probably be among the first to becoming truly environmentally friendly.


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