Conference of Birds Spring 2009
Conference of Birds Spring 2009

NEW YORK, Jul 27, 2008 / FW/ — Conference of Birds told a story of a marriage between luxury and romance… the line up showing exactly the taste of a sensitive guy who is also a gentleman.

The silhouette is modern and engineered as exemplified in the contoured slim cut jeans. Perfectly proportioned, with a flawless symmetry, Conference of Birds Spring 2009 collection is highly covetable and desirable.

Short skinny tux shorts were paired with a vented wide peak lapel jackets. Short utilitarian jackets were layered with button down to navel T’s and drawstring loose fitting trousers. Hooded lightweight cotton knits were also a very strong piece that repeated an appearance through out the runway.

There is a certain casual elegance to the tailored jackets and knee length trenches without being rigid and too arrogant. The color palette is absolutely fabulous, no pun intended here. It is like seeing the sand and sunset morph into one. The orange sun is mirrored in some of the jackets and bags- orange/yellow/light beige. American style button down and khakis made to look chic effortlessly.

Photos courtesy of Conference of Birds

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