Karen Sabag
Karen Sabag

DALLAS, Aug 17, 2008 / FW/ — A native of Israel, Karen Sabag moved to the U.S. at age 11 in 1994. Fashion is in her genes. Karen’s mother, Lidya Sabag is a fashion designer, thus it was not surprising that her daughter followed her footsteps.

After high school, Karen enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology after high school and became a member of FIT Class 2005.

With the ink on her diploma barely dry, Karen won the first prize as the top bridal designer out of 800 entrants in the Kleinfeld Bridal atelier sponsored-contest. After that, she was chosen as one of the young ‘up and coming’ hopeful by Showroom New York.

Striking while the iron is still hot, the FIT grad opened her own store / atelier in Brooklyn where she designs and makes made-to-order evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Last January, on the eve of the New York Fall 2008 season, Karen unveiled her first ever ready-to-wear collection and received rave reviews from the critics.

Very young and still considered an emerging designer in more ways than one, Karen has exhibited a certain artistry in her designs that sets her apart from her peers. To those who know Karen, this is not surprising because she had said that if she were not a fashion designer, she would have been an artist.

The artist inside Karen does not believe that fashion is not measured in dollars and cents. “Fashion does not have a price tag. It’s how you put it together. We are surrounded by beauty and elegance. Fashion is everywhere and can be everyday,” said Karen when asked how she perceives fashion.

When asked, “if you were allowed to design ONLY ONE item of clothing and/or accessory, which would it be?” Karen did not hesitate is saying “Wedding gown.” And by the looks of it, this young designer from Brooklyn can give Vera Wang a run for her money.

With elegance as first on Karen’s list about clothes, her answer to the next question, “if the fashion gods told you to banish ONE item of clothing and/or accessory forever, which would it be?” was not surprising – shorts!

Still, it was Karen’s answer to the final question that truly showed her maturity as a designer and her philosophical bent:

When someone says Aphrodite or Ares, everyone knows they are referring to the Goddess of Love and the God of War, respectively. If you were going to give the fashion god a name, what would it be? Will the fashion god be male or female or neither?

Zoe it means life in Greek it would be neither male nor female.


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