Better Bag
Better Bag

LOS ANGELES, Aug 4, 2008 / FW/ — ‘Paper or plastic?’ is a familiar question at the grocery store, but if the environmentalists have their way, this question will not even be asked at all. Here in L.A., the city council plans to ban plastic carryout bags in the city’s stores by 2010, unless the State of California imposes a 25-cent fee on those who request them.

Environmentally friendly or not, if the city ordinance passes, the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition is fighting efforts to regulate its products. The group filed a lawsuit last week challenging a Los Angeles County plan to reduce plastic bags about 30% by 2010.

Now, before the environmentalists and those who just want to save their jobs start slinging mud to each other, just remember that there are two sides to a story. In fact, this story has three sides as CSIPlastics Inc, a plastics recycler company throws its hat in the ring with the Better Bag, a plastic bag that is reusable and recyclable.

With a life cycle of two years, (four seasons in fashion terms), the Better Bag is good for the environment and for your pocketbook.

“Our company only sells the Better Bag wholesale, but the suggested retail price is between $1.99 to $2.99,” said Steve Silver, owner of CSIPlastics and designer of the Better Bag.

“The bag is affordable enough for majority of people to use it. And, with a useful life cycle of two years, the Better Bag is a great buy,” Silver added.

Made with recycled material and still fully recyclable, the Better Bag provides a truly green product for environmentally minded consumers.