Emporio Armani Spring 2009
Emporio Armani Spring 2009

MILAN, Sep 22, 2008 / FW/ — If Blugirl hit the bull’s eye, Emporio Armani was slightly off the mark. True, there is always room for new pantsuits in a woman’s wardrobe, including those that could be classified as eveningwear.

And yes, the collection was actually impeccable, signature Armani to be exact. The question here, who is the target market?

Done in navy and white, with shades of gray in-between; the trousers proposed were either cigarette pants or harem-inspired. Accessories ranged from big necklaces to envelope bags. Giorgio Armani thought of everything a woman could want, and put it in the collection.

Perhaps, that is what threw the collection off kilter. It was trying too hard on a certain level, something that Giorgio Armani really did not have any reason to do. And add this to the faux pas – the Samsung cell phone by Armani, which was being promoted on the background was also jarring.

In the U.S., there is an AT&T commercial for its mobile phone services that was done in 3-D animation that it looked cool, to use a vernacular. The ad was created with the young people in mind, and for the Gen X and Baby Boomers, it demonstrates ‘high-tech’ to the nth degree.

At Emporio Armani, seeing the Samsung cell phone on the backdrop was passé, even old fashioned. It did not have the high tech, ultra luxury that it is offering. Consumers, including fashionistas today need more than a pretty face. They need piazzas, and somehow, the Samsung phone mixed with the models just did not quite reach that level.


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