Charles Anastase Spring 2009
Charles Anastase Spring 2009

LONDON, Sep 18, 2008 / FW/ — Sunday, Sep 14, it was great seeing my fashionista friends whom I had not seen since the menswear season. Seeing them already bleary eyed and suffering from jet lag, but had to go to work immediately, I was thinking that it is good I did not cover New York or I would be as tired as they are on the first day of London Fashion Week.

Only has two shows today, Charles Anastase who used to show in Paris and Graeme Black who before launching his own label was with Ferragamo.

Charles Anastase

Having seen him in Paris, Charles Anastase did not disappoint with his biker ballerinas. It’s a hard feat to accomplish, creating an elegant and posh meant for a biker, but Charles Anastase actually nailed it!

With beige as the main color palette, Anastase had joined the New York designers in their nude obsession. Anastase added black, blue and a few prints to add drama.

Keeping the collection in the artistic side, Charles actually found a perfect balance between art and commerce, because quite frankly many of the pieces are wearable.

Graeme Black

Graeme Black Spring 2009
Graeme Black Spring 2009

Bringing a touch of Milan in London, Graeme Black alternated between floor length frocks and mini cocktail dresses plus a few pantsuit sets that also came in different hemline lengths from Capri to standard. He did not miss a beat!

Cute with a generous dash of sophistication, Graeme Black’s Spring 2009 collection made me think of Milan.


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