Pringle of Scotland Spring 2009
Pringle of Scotland Spring 2009

MILAN, Sep 24, 2008 / FW/ — Elegance in simplicity seems to be Claire Waight Keller’s mantra for Spring 2009. Sending silk tunic dresses with whorls of colors as prints, there was a subtle reference to the beginning of life.

Could it be the Big Bang Theory or eddies of water, both of which are associated with how life began.

Proposing skirts with 6” panels on the hemline, thus creating a modern balloon skirt. Paired with a knitted sweater with fringing and textured layering of cable knitting, the amazing attention to details cannot be denied.

Claire Waight Keller was never the splashy glam type. She had always dressed the ladies with sophisticated elegance with an intellectual bent. The clothes are never snobbish though. They’re always approachable, even sweet at times.

This collection is all that, and much more. The easy-to-wear dresses are given ruffles and tailored so perfectly, its existence is serendipitous. Capri-length trousers are pleated at the knees.

Romance is on the air, but not saccharine sweet, there is an atmosphere of lightness and buoyancy intermixed with gracefulness.


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