dsc_3211.jpgMILAN, Sep 21, 2008 / FW/ — Click, flash, flash, camera’s everywhere, red carpets, paparazzi, sparks of electricity, adrenaline at it’s highest.  This is the world of Seduzione Diamonds where a woman is beautiful and not only does she like to show it off but she knows how to use it in the form of seduction.
For Spring Summer 2009 Valeria Marini paid homage to Bridgette Bardot and took inspirations from Saint Tropez in the sixties.  Freedom, trips around the world, and exotic and erotic seduction, the care free attitude that makes the Seduzione Diamonds woman so attractive.
Pinks played and sparkles play a big role in this seductive collection.  Laces are trimmed in silver and transparent materials wrap ergonomically around the body.   Everything is an illusion to revealing too much, when in reality nothing is revealed.
Flower prints are very 60’s hippie style while denim leans more toward La Dolce Vita.  Everything is frivolous from the added ruffles and lace to the crystal covered denims.  Long dresses are flowy revealing and covering the legs all at the same time.
The collection is a fun take on seduction that sticks to it’s lingerie base and takes things a step further.   Valeria Marini’s showgirl past has taught her all the tricks of seduction and the proof of this is in her Seduzione Diamonds collection.


(Photos by Lisa Helm, click on image to see bigger photo.)

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