Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall 2009
Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall 2009

MILAN, Mar 3, 2009 / FW/ — With chain mail and fur, all I could think of was the video game Jeanne D’ Arc, but apparently I was wrong because the show is about the Eighties Girl, which seem to be the darling at three fashion capitals already – New York, London and Milan.

It’s a little bit country, as in the wilds of Alaska with the deconstructed fur (I wonder if Sarah Palin has ever heard of Alessandro Dell’Acqua since from reports, she hunts for her own fur); it’s a little bit rock & roll with the beaded bustier (think Madonna).

But, most of all, this is Alessandro Dell’Acqua whose expertise is making women sexy and alluring. His Fall 2009 collection is no exception.


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[Pictures by Lisa Helm]

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