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PARIS, Sep 29, 2008 / FW / — Showing for the second time in Paris, Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand proposed a rock & roll inspired collection that was more daring than her debut collection and has a higher probability of being worn by edgy fashionistas.

Though Thailand’s capital, Bangkok has a fashion week wherein Princess Sirivannavari also unveils her collection. Question is why does she show in Paris? Is she just another girl who was born with a silver spoon and her parents are just indulging her?

On the contrary, Princess Sirivannavari’s decision to show in Paris is a big risk for her emotionally and professionally. Being royalty has its privileges and in Thailand, just like any country that has royalty, that privilege is extended to include their chosen projects or ‘profession’ if such thing exists for blue bloods.

In short, going to Paris, Princess Sirivannavari opened herself up to the most meticulous critics in the fashion world. Editors, who attend the Paris season, be they French, British, American or any other nationalities do not mince words when they give their reviews.

If Princess Sirivannavari were a spoiled rich girl, she would not even come here. But she did and she is here, wanting to be judged as a fashion designer and not as a princess.

So, what’s the verdict on the collection? As already have mentioned, Princess Sirivannavari took more risks this time – showing more skin with the deep V-necklines and mini dresses. She was also trying for a younger market, more on her age group than the baby boomer inspired collection she showed last year.

Though the 40-piece collection that included asymmetrical hemlines and one-shoulder cocktail dresses, it still does not warrant a glowing review. But to be fair, Princess Sirivannavari did a great job and she had also shown growth as a designer. And for an emerging design talent like the princess, that is actually a high praise.


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