Christian Dior Spring 2009
Christian Dior Spring 2009

PARIS, Oct 3, 2008 / FW/ — Perhaps it is a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent who has always been linked with Africa; ‘tribal chic,’ as John Galliano calls it is one of the major trends on the catwalk. Trust the British designer to lower it a few notches and still come out at the spearhead of the Africa trend.

Earthen colors plus orange and yellow, the models’ hair pulled back and held up with a conical headdress, no trousers, just mini dresses and floor length gowns. John Galliano was very straightforward and in his frankness, he captured everyone’s heart the same way he did when he used to play ‘surprise me.’

Layers and pleats, medium-sized belts cinching the waist, the necklines ran the gamut of square to halter, Galliano’s message is youthfulness and freedom as each model sashayed on the catwalk.

Once again, John Galliano is ahead of the curve. Usually the trendsetter, sometimes he decides to follow the trend; but if he does, he does it his way. By doing so, he starts a new trend!

That’s exactly what happened here – African inspired pieces for the sophisticated the ephebic women of the Lipstick Jungle.


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