dsc_8226.jpgMILAN, Sep 24, 2008 / FW/ — Geometric prints on kaftans, a jumpsuit that looked like a sleeveless frock at first glance, mini wrap skirt paired with a reworked safari jacket featuring an empire waist and then colorful pants and suits complete with a hat – is Frida Giannini dressing a female Indiana Jones?

Alright, that might be far fetch. The Gucci ladies do not look scruffy and they are too sophisticated to be Indiana Jones. Their turquoise eye shadow and nude lipstick makes them more like a modern day Jasmine, the Sultan’s daughter and Aladdin’s love interest in A Thousand in One Nights.

Fairytales and folklores aside, Frida Giannini’s vision is on target with the current global situation. As already reported by the Associated Press, the credit crunch might be worldwide but the Middle Eastern fashionistas seem not to be affected by it. More than half of the pieces on the collection from the colorful kaftans to the floor length gowns will be bestsellers in Dubai and other Middle Eastern urban areas.

Balanced with minis, jumpsuits and pantsuit sets, Giannini also made sure that Gucci’s core clientele is not forget. Take into consideration the accessories – the totes and backpacks, plus the shoes, the crisp sporty looks are definite winners.

[LISA HELM with additional reporting by SARA CONDE]
Photos courtesy of Lisa Helm

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