Elmer Ave designers on the runway
Elmer Ave designers on the runway

LOS ANGELES, Oct 15, 2008 / FW/ — Straight from the headlines, Elmer Ave designers ‘gathered views from the U.S. economic and political issues, distilled them, then proposed their own fashion interpretation.

Entitled, ‘America… Deathr or Glory’, Elmer Ave touched on the unpopular Iraqi War with their military-inspired suits and jackets beginning with the pea coat and brass buttons and epaulets on an outerwear coat. They even had the model execute a salute!

There was also the ubiquitous cell phone, the model actually making / receiving a call while on the runway! The peace movement as seen on the peace sign at the back of a man’s shirt and patriotism as signified by the American flag.

The catwalk is not a stranger when it comes to designers putting their opinions in their collections. Elmer Ave political viewpoint is clear and quite frankly, they really did a great job on making their audience understand.

That it was also a great collection was not an accident. A lot of thoughts were given in the whole presentation and of course on the clothing.


Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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