Cruzcastillo Spring 2009
Cruzcastillo Spring 2009

MADRID, Jan 16, 2009 / FW/ — Entitled Telemaco, Cruzcastillo’s second collection is dubbed as version 2.0 of ‘I believe you,’ the debut collection. And according to Manu Gómez, the designer behind the Cruzcastillo label, the two go together.

For Spring 2009. The colors and graphics are softer; everything is more airy, more electric, more sensory. Prints defines this collection.

Manu Gómez is the mastermind behind Cruzcastillo, and although this his second fashion venture as a designer, his work has always been related to this area, as he is the person who signs, for example, the prints of El Delgado Buil, and who has also worked for people such as José Castro, Elisa Amann and Jordi Labanda. (Yolanda Muelas for )

He studied book arts, print design and artistic fabrics at the Llotja College of Applied Arts.

He has worked on printing projects for firms such as Giménez & Zuazo, «La 2 de Joseph Font» with Elisa Amann, José Castro, Desigual, El Delgado Buil and Jordi Labanda. He previously worked as a graphic designer and illustrator creating the graphic magazine Alias in conjunction with the artist Chuso Ordi in 2000.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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