Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour

DALLAS, Dec 12, 2008 / FW / — From Bond Girl to Medicine Woman then on to Dancing with the Stars, Jane Seymour has touched the hearts of millions with her many roles. An actress, author and artist, the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actress added jewelry designer to her impressive résumé when she created an open-heart pendant that she wore for luck while competing on Dancing with the Stars.

The pendant was inspired by Seymour’s “Healing Hearts” paintings and represents the idea that if one’s heart is open it will never stay broken. The two open hearts linked together also symbolize that two people can be one, while still retaining their individuality.

Seymour who also has a furniture and home décor line partnered with Kay Jewelry in creating the Open Heart by Jane Seymour Jewelry Collection, which for all intent and purposes began with the original pendant she wore at Dancing with the Stars.

The line includes sterling silver charms as well as gold and diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings ranging from under $40 to $1,500. The collection of more than 40 pieces is available in yellow, white and two-tone 14-karat gold and sterling silver.

The Open Heart by Jane Seymour Jewelry Collection is sold exclusively at Kay Jewelry and www.kay.com

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