www. ckIN2U.com
www. ckIN2U.com

NEW YORK, Jan 29, 2009 / FW/ — ck IN2U, Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance had been given its own interactive website, www. ckIN2U.com designed as a scavenger hunt wherein visitors, as they hover their mouse in certain items find clues that prompt the user to engage the site.

With the ckIN2U ad presented as a webisode, with the non-given promise that there will be a continuation, the visitor is then brought from the virtual flat screen TV to the urban loft, and that’s when the fun begins.

Offering widgets that the users can embed in their social networking pages like Facebook, ckIN2U is also using the power of word of mouth advertising to send the message about the fragrance, which is a good move for Calvin Klein.

As most marketers know, the Net Generation is the most ad resistant demographic. Having witnessed 9/11, Paris Hilton without underwear and Britney Spear shaving her head bald, they are almost unshockable. Hence, traditional Madison Avenue marketing styles do not apply.

ckIN2U’s ‘take me or leave me’ attitude might just work. Widgets are widgets and plug ins are plug ins. They are being offered all over the web. With ckIN2U just present it as a fun item, they might have hit the jackpot.


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