Cerruti 18CRR81 Multi-pocketed Leisure Parka
Cerruti 18CRR81 Multi-pocketed Leisure Parka

MILAN, Jan 9, 2009 / FW/ — With the metropolis as the inspiration, Cerruti created four dominant feel – City Mood, Emotion Eclectic, Le Jardin des Tuileries and Leisure Tweed for its Fall 2009 menswear offering.

City Mood

The metro male dominates where he adapts to the diverse needs of life in the metropolis. With lead, olive and teal as the main color palette, a military influence is imagined, including with the high-tech fabric rubber-coated nylon to emphasize both function and comfort.

Speaking of high-tech, the duvet, thanks to the double lining of nylon keeps you warm though the fabric is very thin and light.

And where will the metro male be without his beloved denim. Proposed in grays, blacks, blue and sand washed, the refinement in texture and detail make it stand out.

Fantasia Tartan
Fantasia Tartan

Eclectic Emotion

From the blues to the browns and light notes of burgundy and green bottle, Cerruti details like colored prints or patterns as linings make this issue more than dramatic. Worn under the three-button blazer are a wide range of tees in polo and soft jersey.

Le Jardin des Tuileries

Urban allure to face the coldest winter, jackets cut in classic styles to reveal an elaborate technical processing and textiles. Offered in gray, doves and coffee, whether they are knits, leather, microfiber or polished nylon, the aim is to make everything look tailored.

Even the cloth jackets and flannel are highly innovative: an internal film resin gives them water-repellent properties. The jeans are pinstriped plasterer and this effect spreads to knitting, and as the shirts and knitwear was redesigned in volumes.

Tweed Leisure

An urbane attitude accompanies the 18CRR81 Cerruti man even when he is outside the city. In his wardrobe are warm colors: burnt camel, magenta, ocher, mustard, purple and lobster. The chromatic scale is enhanced by velvet and opaque nylon resin. The jackets, which are warm and enveloping, are built by a double layer of fabric that combines different materials. Soft sweaters and tees are paired with trousers in dark tones that sometimes come in tartan.

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