Wynonna Judd for alli
Wynonna Judd for alli

NEW YORK, Jan 8, 2009 / FW/ — A marketing coup no matter how you look at it, GlaxoSmithKline has signed world-renowned vocalist and entertainer Wynonna Judd as the spokesperson for its over-the-counter diet pill alli.

A music superstar that has transcended music genres – rock, blues country and gospel, Wynonna Judd is one of the most beloved artist in her generation. As spokesperson for alli, the award winning singer will share her experiences and encouragement with others on their journeys toward living healthier lives.

“alli has allowed me a sense of well-being. I hope that I can inspire people to be better…that they can see themselves in me and say, ‘If she can do it, I can do it,’” Wynonna said.

Wynonna joins other celebrities who have become spokespersons for weight loss program. From Marie Osmond to Monica Lewinsky, losing weight and sticking to one’s ideal weight has turned out to be a holy grail to most.

Though weight loss still remain a vanity goal for some, scientific studies have shown that maintaining one’s ideal weight actually leads to longer life and in turn a healthier lifestyle.

For Wynonna Judd who had managed to stay away from becoming a tabloid fodder while keeping a high profile career and her songs on Billboards Top 10 is a feat. Perhaps, that is one reason why the TV ads that had begun to appear on national television are heartfelt.

Shot in Nashville, Tennessee, the TV spot shows Judd sharing her story of finding ways to be healthier through the alli program, and the difference it has made in her life.


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