Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009
Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009

MILAN, Feb 28, 2009 / FW/ — There is a standing joke in the U.S. about the relationship between the British and the Americans. It goes like this: “the U.S. and the U.K. are two countries separated by an ocean and a common language.”

To most, it would be the English language, which in the opinion of most British, the Americans have mangled! But, this time, seeing Christopher Bailey’s Fall 2009 collection for Burberry Prorsum, it would be fashion; because the question here is… How can someone make the ubiquitous trench coat a highly covetable piece of garment?

To Americans, the trench coat is a utilitarian item; but at Burberry Prorsum, it is high fashion. Worn to keep a girl warm during crispy fall day because she is just wearing a white chiffon dress with insouciance, the trench coat becomes sexy.

Alright, this is just one of the examples; but, truly, Christopher Bailey made dressing easy, even to the Americans who can challenge the British nonchalance attitude towards dressing.

Don’t want to think about color combinations – a white long sleeved shirt paired with a black pleated chiffon skirt that reaches just below the knee look perfect with black tights black platform granny boots. Now, how cool is that?

I could go on and on… there is only one thing to remember this season. If because of the recession you have to cut back on designer clothes spending and can buy only one, then make Burberry Prorsum THE ONE.


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