Adidas Store Window
Adidas Store Window

NEW YORK, Feb 23, 2009 / FW/ — Being from Dallas, I have a hard time training my tongue to phonetically say “South of Haus-ton” instead of South of Houston (pronounced the same way we say Houston, Texas) as the meaning of the acronym SoHo.

But, that did not stop me from taking some photos of the store windows in the area – Crate and Barrel, Adidas and Prps, as we rushed through SoHo from the Y-3 show at Pier 40 to Tuleh show at the Design Center in Midtown to get into the correct subway train.

Too bad that I really did not have time to enjoy looking at the store windows which, though they are straightforward (translate that to, not-high-concept), they actually catch you eye and make you stop.

How do I know? They made me stop to shoot the photo. I was in a hurry but I still stopped because they caught my eyes. And that’s what visual merchandising is all about.

With the current economic downturn, dressing your store windows to attract customers is something that can be done without spending thousands of dollars for advertising.

Photo by FW

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