Atsuro Tayama Fall 2009
Atsuro Tayama Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 7, 2009 / FW/ — She’s sophisticated; she’s urbane; and she falls into a wormhole to find herself in King Arthur’s court. So, what does our Gossip Girl do? She adapts her very metropolitan aesthetics to King’s Arthur’s era and transforms the knight’s armors into a leather jacket and the women’s frocks into pleated bolero capes.

Turtleneck knit sweaters was cut into dickies size to become a pullover cape; Merlin’s web became a long-sleeved tunic and Guinevere’s traveling cape was cut and given an asymmetrical hemline.

At first look, this collection is bucking the futuristic / modernistic trend of the season. Yet, at closer inspection that ‘jump into the wormhole’ is actually a sci-fi event; thus, though the inspiration is medieval, the end result is 21st century looks.

Photos by Thomas Barnes

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