Costume National Fall 2009
Costume National Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 11, 2009 / FW/ — Maybe it’s because come May 8, 2009, the new Star Trek movie is going to be released and Captain Kirk, together with all the characters of the original series are being reinvented and reintroduced to a new generation that the Fall 2009 season is brimming with futurism.

Hence, Ennio Capasa at Costume National, who is a technophile (he has his own blog and his own Twitter account), was at his element this season as he introduced the Starfleet fashionistas wearing miniskirts and thigh-high boots like Lt. Uhura at the original Star Trek.

Alright, this might be reaching. We don’t even know if Ennio Capasa is a Trekkie; yet, truly, Capasa’s strong women are enviable. She wears short jackets, one-shoulder mini dresses in black, blue or red and there are the metalized miniskirts.

And the best thing about it, you don’t have to be a Starfleet Communications Officer to wear it. You can say ‘All hailing frequencies open,’ though when you turn on your iPhone.


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