Sergio Rossi Fall 2009
Sergio Rossi Fall 2009

MILAN, Mar 2, 2009 / FW/ — Tense, high voltage, psycho heel, ellipse heel, acute heel; Francesco Russo, the new Creative Director at Sergio Rossi envisions femininity as robust and tough, much like the comic book and video game heroines.

For his debut at Sergio Rossi, Francesco Russo evoked traces of objects in space. Subjecting the feet to rigid patterns of composition, Russo also sought the most comfortable and most desired shape, thus creating a fading surrealist illusion that weaves and curves, recalling the anatomical Veneri of Carlo Mollino or nudes of Man Ray.

Poetically sublime, fluid forms born from a dark room, the shoe are exploring a new world, ready and open to all the trials, such as lacquered finishes graphite effect, contemporary style, or the heel to “spiral” in forged stainless steel at 1200 degrees in a factory and then covered with rhinestones. At the foot, it becomes a serpent of light.

Away from shoes and toys from improbable heights, this research redefines the essence of a profession and the DNA of a brand that has always been able to harmonize seduction and functionality.

“This is a work on the structure. Beyond the limits while maintaining the balance; it is a story line, allure and obsessions,” says Russo

For this first collection, Francesco Russo collaborated with the extraordinary dance company Les Caryatides, renewing the production of shoes in motion, so new.

Noise of steps, jazz, opera, the star voices echo in an illustration sound created by Benjamin Collier; in the heart of an ephemeral universe on display in the show room in Milan by Sergio Rossi.

The installation consists of three exhibition spaces:

“Stolen moments”: 23 plasma screens showing a video loop of 15 minutes, which puts on stage the 9 legs of actresses to tell the time of a day sublimed by steps. Manifest in a movement of Erwan Defachelles.

The “Standing ovation”: a space that evokes a metropolitan model, thrilled by touches of color, where the models become invitations to cocktail controlled dizziness, emphasizing attitudes rituals. Games declined to infinity mirrors Shoe architectural and enveloping.

The “Drawing Room”: the dream and in total freedom, gestures suspended as if by magic, knots and haute-couture inlays for a dream without end.

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