Issey Miyake Fall 2009
Issey Miyake Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 7, 2009 / FW/ — Emphasizing the tensile strength, durability and flexibility of the new fabric that Dai Fujiwara is proposing for Issey Miyake Fall 2009 collection, a martial arts expert opened the show, then there was a martial arts exhibition at the middle of the show; finally, Dai Fujiwara took his bow with the three martial arts expert at the end of the show.

It goes without saying that the four martial arts experts were wearing clothes from the Issey Miyake Fall 2009 collection. Easy-to-wear and with the ‘one cloth’ philosophy in tow, the martial arts costumes can be worn as street clothes. Just say, from the dojo to city streets!

Though the silhouettes are loose fitting, they are surprising slim and very colorful, too as Dai Fujiwara bucked the ‘all black’ theme this season. Red, yellow, pink and of course the neutral gray and black made up the color palette with the bright colors actually predominating.

Photos by Thomas Barnes

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