Designer Lorella Signorino on the runway
Designer Lorella Signorino on the runway

MILAN, Mar 2, 2009 / FW/ — Lorella Signorino has a tall order for herself this season; she had to “reprocess the basic elements of Love Sex Money’s identity and keep it fresh in relation to the current zeitgeist.

She also did not want to go with the usually “themed fashion show.” Lorella Signorino wanted to create a new way to show a collection based on style-related cornerstones around which a collection evolves.

First she tackled volume. Instead of layering, she chose to go 3-D as shown in the black sheath dress that had been adorned with squares and rectangles strategically placed to achieve the three-dimensional effect but keep a clean silhouette.

Cloud shoulders, a lighter shape than the more pronounced pagoda shoulders, were created through a construction of darts or by using frothy materials like 70% plucked angora. It gave focus to the silhouette without overloading it.

Lorella Signorino also redefined the couture elements she usually adds to her creations. Embroidery was used to translate the works of Alberto Burri as adornment.

Jewelry was no longer an accessory but an intrinsic part of the garment. Rows of bracelets replace a sleeve. A crystal necklace turns into a jabot. Gemstones mixed with fabrics and genuine fur. At the neck, a solitaire edged with mink, or a padded jacket with the Taylor-Burton diamond. On the arm, rings of felt or mink edged in diamonds.

Lorella Signorino might have not broken new grounds in fashion this season, but she is definitely on her way in doing so as she continues to pursue in perfecting her craft season after season.


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