Luisa Beccaria Fall 2009
Luisa Beccaria Fall 2009

MILAN, Mar 2, 2009 / FW/ — Known for her contemporary romantic silhouettes, Luisa Beccaria sent out a dreamy collection that makes one think of a fairytale. While other designers are highlighting androgyny or strong women, Luisa Beccaria’s vision of womanhood for Fall 2009 is ultra femme and with young debutantes in mind.

Season after season, we are regaled with new creations by designers; yet, season after season also, the dreamy aspect of fashion, the dresses and gowns that make a young girl dream of dancing the cotillion and being introduced to society is getting fewer and fewer.

But, thanks to Luisa Beccaria, that dream lives on. And though some fashion grouse would say that it is old fashioned, in actuality it is not. It is upholding a tradition that makes us enjoy the niceties of life.

Because that is the beauty of fashion; there is room for everyone. While the futurists and the modernists lead us forward, traditionalists like Luisa Beccaria make us dream and remind us that the refinements of life are also important in our everyday life.

Like the yin and the yang, one cannot survive without the other because these two parts make up the whole.


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