Neith Nyer Fall 2019
Neith Nyer Fall/Winter 2019-20

A brutal car crash, tender lovemaking; the inaugural collaboration between Neith Nyer and DDP was designed with the intensity of both. The Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection isn’t just about two brands working together, it is an attempt to create an aesthetic that blurs the lines between the new and the old, luxury and streetwear.

The collection was born of DDP Founder Laurent Caillet and Neith Nyer Creative Director Francisco Terra’s shared obsession with flea markets.

“We thought of a digger, explains Francisco. “She’s a girl who obsessively bargains, she runs from the club early morning to get the best deals at the garage sales.” The collection carries this spirit of accumulation, searching for cohesion between clashing universes.

The creative process guiding this collection reflects the same dynamic: through their research, the designers excavated hundreds of DDP archive pieces, some of them dating from the mid-1990s.

This season’s fabrics are used in an unconventional, almost perverted way. Fleece is treated to look moth-eaten, then employed to craft byzantine corsets and bizarre flowers. Padded nylon is the base of mini skirts while knitted jackets are spray painted,

The cartoonesque shoes were done in collaboration with Naomi Hille, while Florence Tetier designed this seasons jewelry, a cosmic assembly of iridescent bubbles.

The collection is under the auspi es of the iconic figure of the eggman, one of the most memorable visual element of DDP, whose face is burned on jersey and hand-sewn on hoodies, This character, revived for the collection, serves as the symbol of Neith Nyer and DDP Y), a brand that stands for playfulness and inclusivity.

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