Miriam Ocariz Fall 2009
Miriam Ocariz Fall 2009

MADRID, Mar 27, 2009 / FW/ — A poet at heart, Miriam Ocariz wrote:

Dynamism in the construction,
geometrical structures enveloping dark romanticism,
Baroque velature on minimum essence,
light multilayers,
cascades of flounces emanating from a body-adapted base,
furious whiteness, darkness.

A fading mist which bursts into colour,
red, mustard, almost-grey blue,
unending black,
blending black,
brilliant light finishes,
texture combinations,
a weight game balancing the volume,
mountains of pearls fill the fabric like a false texture,
bleeding landscapes choose delicate flowers,
ever-moving red algae.

Discovered feelings,
the female essence hides behind a tough shell,
built using complex structures which give way and open up
to let light cascades, possible fantasies,

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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