Prada Fall 2009
Prada Fall 2009

MILAN, Mar 6, 2009 / FW/ — Miuccia Prada creates new drumbeats and everyone follows. For Fall 2009, while majority of designers are preoccupied with the 1980s, Signora Prada, as she is fondly called by her staff had moved forward, though her influences are also from the past, but much further as in several thousand years further.

A drop down waist dress made of leather strips adorned with black crystal studs is reminiscent of the Roman gladiators. These black crystals were then transplanted to a black separate, a jacket with slash pockets cinched at the waist with a narrow belt, another warrior, but from a different era.

And there was the wading boots, or is it an S&M boots? An oversized sweater tucked in a pair of shorts; the look is once again from another era of warriors, the Stuarts of England.

And among the looks being proposed for Fall 2009, Prada is THE ONE that truly encompassed all.


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