MONTREAL, Oct 2, 2010 / FW/ — One of Montreal’s rising stars, Valérie Dumaine is known for elegant silhouettes that are assertive. This might sound incongruent, but you know what, it works!!!

Looking into Valerie Dumaine’s collection, you actually ask yourself, is it casual or sophisticated? The designer’s take on fashion is always with a hint of amusement, mixing the classics with fashion forward elements.

Case in point, for Spring 2011, Valerie Dumaine mixed the fluidity of draped fabrics with sharp cuts: soft shoulders, folds, dropping pockets, geometrical patches and modern lines.

The hot pants done in black and white chiffon, belted at the waist can take you through a shopping spree in town and get accepted at the most exclusive night spot in the city. Put a jacket on the black mini dress with spaghetti straps and you can wear it in the office. Take the jacket off and voila, you have a cocktail dress for high tea.

And as the press notes said, it is “a collection that exudes impetuous freedom.”

Photos by Jimmy Hamelin Photographe

Montreal Fashion Week Spring 2011