Duyos Bridal Spring 2010
Duyos Bridal Spring 2010

MADRID, Apr 25, 2009 / FW/ — Thursday, Duyos proposed a very provocative look for future brides with his gothic inspired collection as he sent models wearing black lipstick and nude make up.

Though it is more on the atmosphere and not really the clothes, the collection raised eyebrows among the conservative and traditionalist especially when the final exit is a black wedding gown.

Quite frankly, Duyos was not as avant-garde on this collection as one would imagine with Gothic as the main influence. Except for the presence of black in the collection, the silhouettes and adornments are very traditional.

It really would have been more dramatic if Duyos went all Gothic. But with the current economic situation, designer cannot experiment much. Too bad really because that would have made a big splash in the pond.