Martin Lamothe Fall 2009
Martin Lamothe Fall 2009

BARCELONA, Apr 12, 2009 / FW/ — Being from Texas, the collection’s title ‘Paris, Texas’ reminded of the town 98 miles from Dallas, instead of the movie which inspired the designer.

As Elena Martin explained in her press notes, “The close and ironic work of the photographer William Eggleston constitutes the starting point. Films such as Arizona Dream, Paris, Texas, Three Burials and The Tale of Jessie James add to its strength, while music by Will Oldham, Iron and Wine and Viola imbue it with romance. The collection conveys the feeling of a journey, with its dirt, dust, and worn-out, almost destroyed, look.”

So, in more ways than one, the real Paris, Texas (population 25,000) plays a part in this collection because it was a railroad center in 1876. But, unlike in the designer’s imagination, it did not become a ghost town.

Paris, Texas lost its importance as a transportation center, but it had kept its heart, though it is very far from being a fashionable town! Still, I could not see Paris, Texas in the collection, be it the real one or the one featured in the movie ‘Paris, Texas.’

It’s not to say that the collection was not good. In fact, there are a lot of standout pieces like the empire waist leather tunic and the oversized yellow trench coat. But, I don’t see a cowboy even from a dude ranch or a railway worker circa 1870s.

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