Featuring gowns versatile enough to take you from a vineyard wedding to a chapel in the city, the ‘Mystique’ Fall 2022 Morilee by Madeline Gardner Signature Collection perfectly encapsulates glamour and romance, a sentiment as timeless as the dresses themselves. With elegant beading and lace details, as well as show-stopping trains and back detailing, the Mystique Collection is ideal for any bride looking to wow their guests and most of all, fulfill their bridal dreams.
Combining lace and tulle accents alongside detailed beading and embroidery, Morilee by Madeline Gardner’s Mystique Collection beautifully revives timeless styles by combining classic silhouettes with modern touches.
“I’ve designed each one of these gowns to intrigue and fascinate you while you’re looking for the perfect dream dress. No two brides are the same and no two love stories are the same, so I’ve added touches of mystery and mesmerizing details to every one of my designs.

Your gown should captivate the magic of your wedding day and make you feel as if you’re living the wonderful dream you’ve always wanted for your special day. The most beautiful thing we can experience in life is the mystery and magic of falling in love!” –

MADELINE GARDNER, Creative Director and Designer of Morilee.


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