Rebecca Moses
Rebecca Moses

DALLAS, Apr 5, 2009 / FW/ — Entertaining is a whole year-round affair and anytime is as good as any to start thinking of your ‘table language,’ i.e. preparing a special table, not just once in a blue moon but everyday.

Designer and lifestyle expert Rebecca Moses says, “Think about your table like you think about fashion and getting dressed. Think tablewear instead of tableware. Don’t set your table, dress your table.”

The idea might be scary, even revolutionary to most women; yet according to Moses, “If you change your table language, you will change your mindset.”

“[Your] table is not just a place to eat; the table is where you celebrate your daily life as well as special occasions with family and friends. Life is as great as we make it. Don’t think about making a charming table just for Thanksgiving or a birthday. Rather, make everyday a special occasion,” advised Moses.

And while, most lifestyle gurus tout a predictable platform of vanilla-isms, Rebecca Moses recommends individuality. “It’s all in the mix. When we mix patterns, textures and colors, we create an individuality that tells the world you are unique. And, that applies to your invitations list as well. Mixing your dinner guests is as important as mixing your china.”

Rebecca Moses
Rebecca Moses

Versatility is key, according to Moses, when choosing products for home entertaining. “When accessories have multiple uses, like with my white-washed wicker caddy, you will feel you have invested well.”

Better known for her high street fashion ready-to-wear collections, Rebecca Moses brings a fashion designer’s approach to the table, wherein she ‘dresses and accessorizes a table’ instead of just setting it.

Launching her Rebecca Moses’ Heart Soul Style for her new ‘tablewear’ products exclusively at Macy’s this April, she mixes American sensibility with a definitive European flair in this very affordable home entertainment collection, beginning with a hand-painted ceramic dinnerware set that starts at $7.99.

Her decision to move into a more accessible price range is a very important part of her philosophy – that true style has nothing to do with price points. Her welcoming vision of life is a delightful mixture of her working-class American upbringing and her life in northern Italy’s Piedmont region where she resides with her husband, two sons, step-daughter and her Italian hound, George.

And, as one of the featured designers for Macy’s Flower Show Tablescape Program, Rebecca Moses will be touring Macy’s around the country to promote her design aesthetic; starting in New York City on April 8th, Minneapolis April 9th, Chicago April 10th, San Francisco April 11th and wrapping up in Philadelphia on April 16th wherein she will demonstrate how preparing a special table can easily be thought of as a daily ritual.


Photos courtesy of Rebecca Moses


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