Megan Fox with her BOTKIER James satchel in tow.
Megan Fox with her BOTKIER James satchel in tow.

DALLAS, May 2, 2009 / FW/ — First the sightings … Transformers star Megan Fox was spotted at the Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 28th with her BOTKIER James satchel in tow. The actress previously was spotted wearing her James Satchel on April 16th, leaving LAX

New for Spring, the casually cool James satchel is also a favorite of Blake Lively, Katherine Heigel and Michelle Trachtenberg. (Retail: $595)

Heard: Michael Vick in Talks to Become PETA Spokesman

Jailed NFL superstar Michael Vick who is serving a 23-month sentence for dog-fighting and animal cruelty charges is in talks to become the new spokesperson for PETA, reported.

For those not familiar with the case, in 2004, Michael Vick signed a seven-year, $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons. It was not Mr. Vick’s prowess on the football that was questioned. It was his extracurricular activity, i.e. funding the Bad Newz Kennels in Virginia, which participated in the fighting of pit bulls.

During the course of the trial, Michael Vick also admitted to participating in the sometimes torturous deaths of dogs that underperformed, including death by drowning, hanging and electrocution.

According to, “Mr. Vick is due to be released from federal prison on May 20 and will serve the remaining two months of his 23-month sentence under home confinement near Hampton, Va., where he will be working a 40-hour-a-week construction job.”

I believe in second chances, but in the case of Michael Vick, he does not deserve a second chance. Even if I could look the other way for the dog fighting (which I cannot), it is very hard for me to understand why the “underperforming” dogs would have to be tortured to death.

Those dogs that Michael Vick killed did not get a second chance because they “lost” a fight. They were tortured to death! And now, he is trying to repair is image by becoming a PETA spokesperson?

My take on the subject… PETA should NOT hire Michael Vick. In fact, animal lovers should petition the NFL commissioner and all the NFL franchises to ban Michael Vick from playing professional football forever.

You should probably say that it is unfair. But, think about the dogs that were treated unfairly by Mr. Vick and his cohorts. As for PETA, if they do love animals, then they should not even hear any plea from Mr. Vick’s camp at all.


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