Strenesse Blue Fall 2009
Strenesse Blue Fall 2009

NEW YORK, May 2, 2009 / FW/ — Unveiled in Berlin last January, Viktoria Strehle aptly entitled her Strenesse Blue Fall 2009 collection “That Berlin Feeling.”

As Berliners say, it’s all in the mix. The city itself is full of surprises and eager to take risks. No-one in Berlin ever says “you can’t do that”, “that doesn’t work”, “it’s not suitable”. Berlin is where the impossible is put to the test, and where opposites happily meet and blend.

And according to Viktoria Strehle’s press notes that was precisely what inspired her to create the new STRENESSE BLUE Collection.

Berlin is the point where everything meets. Strenesse Blue Fall 2009 is an encounter between sensuousness and British reserve, flowing forms and clear-cut contours, the sparkling and the structured.

In Berlin there’s no such thing as either/or, but only both/and. The collection takes this principle to all lengths. Pea-coats, skirts and dresses vary from over-knee to radically mini. Short, cropped boyfriend-style pants are as much of a highlight as casual-fit, low-slung styles.

In Berlin the way to be a winner is paved not with wealth, but with a wealth of ideas. Taking that philosophy in the fashion sense, Strenesse Blue added effects with a lavish hand: metallic and silkily shimmering, transparent and opaque and a selection of luxe fabrics: herringbone-weave wools and jerseys, an array of tweeds, soft satin and chunky hand-knits in giant cable-stitch motifs.

Berlin is a testing-ground for life itself. And the message of this collection is: Just try it. The key to the hottest combinations is sheer courage.

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week