J Brand for Topshop Brooklyn in Skyline (back)
J Brand for Topshop Brooklyn in Skyline (back)

NEW YORK, Jun 1, 2009 / FW/ — Practical, fashionable and timeless, denim jeans has been a staple in the fashionista’s wardrobe since the 1970s when designer jeans became in vogue. So, it’s not surprising that according to the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor survey, 77% of consumers reported that they love or enjoy wearing denim.

Corollary to that, even in a time of recession and cutting back on expenses, the average consumer owns seven pairs of denim jeans.

“Consumers prefer denim because it is durable, versatile, and really takes on the personality of the wearer,” says Norma Keyes, Director, Product Standards, Cotton Incorporated. “And since denim is made of cotton, it’s easy to care for, and can be worn several times before it needs to be laundered.”

Easy care is a definite advantage for consumers looking to cut back on household expenses; according to the Monitor survey, 25% of consumers have changed their laundering habits in order to save money.

These days, however, denim is no longer all about the tried and true; new technology from Cotton Incorporated called STORM DENIM makes denim water-repellent without sacrificing any of cotton’s natural breathability or durability. The finish is applied as the final step, ensuring that any washes or other stylistic treatments applied are unaffected.

“The STORM DENIM technology is great for consumers, whether they need to stay dry working outdoors or while out on the town in bad weather,” says Keyes. “Now, water repellency is no longer limited to outerwear, which is yet another reason why denim is a great investment.”

View the accompanying webisode at www.TheFabricofOurLives.com and learn more about the STORM DENIM technology and what makes denim the top pick in every American’s wardrobe, no matter the occasion.

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