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(BPT) – In order to get through the winter season and keep skin healthy, you’ll need to pay extra attention to a consistent winter skincare routine. Follow these five simple suggestions and your skin will be ready to soak up the sun when warm weather rolls around again in the spring.

* Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Daily winter activities like shoveling snow, walking to the grocery store, going to the football game, or even playing in one, will have guys reaching for bottles of water to quench their thirst, but their skin also gets dehydrated as the cold air saps moisture from it, leaving skin dry and cracked. In times like these, make sure to have a face lotion handy, and Dove Men+Care offers the Hydrate+ Face Lotion, which provides fast-absorbing moisturization for immediate hydration that lasts all–day long.

* Update your shaving routine. Shaving is an essential part of most men’s daily routines, whether they prefer the clean-shaven look or want to clean up the edges of their beard. The Dove Men+Care Face Range is a full skincare line that helps men take better care of their face in three easy steps. First, wash by using the Hydrate+ Face Wash that offers effective cleansing and fights skin dryness, followed by a shave with the Hydrate+ Shave Gel that provides superior moisturization for men’s faces and helps protect from irritation caused while shaving. Finally, finish your face care routine by using the Hydrate+ Post Shave Balm that will relieve irritation caused by shaving.

*Customize your skincare. While it’s important to follow a consistent and proper face care routine, it’s also a good idea to customize that routine and choose products that cater to your specific skin type. Products in the Dove Men+Care Face Range are available in two variants – the Hydrate+ products offer advanced protection for dry skin while the dermatologist-tested Sensitive+ range contains a fragrance-neutral formula gentle enough for sensitive skin types.

* Don’t forget the sun block. When the temperature plummets, sunblock is probably the last thing guys think of. However, the truth is that sunblock on your exposed skin is also important in the winter, even though it’s not as sunny. To make things easier, guys can use a daily moisturizer that contains SPF, which is an effective way to integrate skin protection into the routine. The Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ and Sensitive+ Face Lotions contain SPF 15 in a fast absorbing, lightweight formula.

* Avoid extended, hot showers. A hot shower can be comforting after a long day out in the cold, but hot water can also have a drying effect on your skin, and it strips skin of the essential oils and lipids it needs to stay healthy. So, the next time you shower, either lower the temperature of the water or shorten your showering session.

The cold winter weather is just around the corner and no one, including guys, are immune to the dangers it presents to skin health. By establishing your proper winter skincare regimen now, you can enjoy a happy, healthy winter season. To help you through the season, and learn more about the Dove Men+Care Face Range, visit

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