Dirk Bikkembergs Menswear Spring 2010
Dirk Bikkembergs Menswear Spring 2010

MILAN, Jun 23, 2009 / FW/ — There’s a story behind Dirk Bikkemberg’s Spring 2010 collection. It began last October in Sydney where Dirk noticed a fiery red painting in the display window of an art gallery.

The painting by artist Scott Elk showed a sporty body in motion, combined with graphically composed “calligraphic numbers.” From that moment of discovery a collaboration between designer and artist was born. The result of the collaboration was seen on the catwalk yesterday.

Dominated by fiery red made more dramatic by black, the collection was “le rouge et le noir” (the red and the black) wherein Dirk’s sporty graphic numbers were replaced with handwritten and artistic ones.

Almost a frivolous touch to the jogging suits, polos, leather jackets among others, it also softened the usually strong and brawny Dirk Bikkembergs aesthetics. A surprise effect, this counterpoint brought front and center how comfortable the Dirk Bikkembergs gents with their masculinity that a little playfulness do not bother them.

As it turned out, these numbers are part of a coded language with hidden messages ready to be deciphered, thus owning them makes a man part of an exclusive club.

The designs breathe fire, comfort and luxury. They reveal true craftsmanship and artistic mastery in a tense snapshot of vivid inspiration. The Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture Spring/Summer 2010 collection pushes the boundaries of male elegance and sets the pace for a new decade.

Photos courtesy of Dirk Bikkembergs

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