Alexis Mabille Haute Couture Fall 2009PARIS, Jul 7, 2009 / FW/ — As Jean-Luc Dupont of Syteme-D tweeted, “Alexis Mabille: another fashion enigma,” the finale of this young French designer’s show was the traditional bride, but this time she’s wearing a tuxedo and her attendants are male.

Whether it was a political statement about gay rights, a topic that is very hot in the U.S. right now or just part of the continuing fascination with androgyny by designers, Alexis Mabille had made his statement – this is a new vision of haute couture.

Focusing more on the cuts and the silhouette with minimal use of embroidery and details, Alexis Mabille is saying that haute couture can be minimalist. Whether the idea will sell to the 120 women who are haute couture clients still remains to be seen.

But, perhaps, Mabille is not targeting these women; maybe he is trying to appeal to their daughters who are either Millennials or Gen Y. After all, it’s about time that these young women step up to the (fashion) plate.


Paris Haute Couture Fall 2009