Caffe Swimwear 2010MIAMI, Jul 17, 2009 / — Caffé Swimwear designer Paula Saavedra combines deep passion, and her South American roots with current fashion trends, and produces swimwear with an exotic flare.

Saavedra has elevated the bathing suit to high fashion status with chic, sexy and undeniable stylish swimwear for women.

Entitled ‘Making a Change’, the Caffe Swimwear 2010 collection is a milestone for the brand as its debuts on the Miami runway and also in the U.S.

Drawing from an age of reflection – a new period marked by an increase in creativity and a more humanistic approach to all we do, think and create. The line continues to channel its “laid back luxury” style, this time seen through the prism of the sixties merging “new bohemian” elements with hand crafted details.

Photos by Getty Images

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