Copenhagen Artificial Fur
Copenhagen Artificial Fur

DALLAS, Jul 29, 2009 / FW/ — The debate about using fur will continue for a long time, but if you want to have the luxe feeling without the guilt associated with it, Copenhagen Artificial Fur might be a good alternative.

After years of research and preparation, Copenhagen Artificial Fur finally opened its first shop in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company specializes in luxury artificial fur jackets and accessories of a very high quality both when it comes to materials, manufacturing and not least the design.

The collection is produced locally in Denmark, and materials are sourced within the EU (European Union) thereby cutting transport time and ensuring proper working conditions during production. It is also believed that the production of artificial fur admits less pollution than the farming and processing of animal fur. These unique products are now available worldwide at

The designer Carsten Juhl, who has previously designed luxury wedding dresses for a 5th Avenue bridal atelier in New York City and has also spent time with London-based designer Ben de Lisi, is the man behind the elegant design and together with company founder Gitte Lakshoej, he has created a unique concept that encapsulates both ethics, quality and high fashion.

Fur has the fantastic ability to make women look glamorous and sensual, but many modern women find classic fur coats impractical and unflattering to wear and as the climate becomes gradually warmer, the need for such coats becomes less relevant.

Also the increase in people taking a stance against animal cruelty makes this the right time to launch a truly luxurious alternative to animal fur.

The vision for the collection is simple, make women look fantastic, bring out the best and emphasize the best features. Therefore Copenhagen Artificial Fur offers a variety of smaller items such as shoulder wraps, stoles, capes and scarves that each add a touch of glamour and sensuality but does not overpower the person who wears them.

One of the most flattering items in the collection is the shoulder wrap that sits securely on the shoulders adding volume, making the waist look slimmer, a feature that is popular with most customers. Copenhagen Artificial Fur is popular with brides and partygoers alike, but many items in the collection are also perfect for more casual use.

Copenhagen Artificial Fur is happy to announce that the unique collection of cruelty free accessories is now available worldwide August 2009 via