Draco MalfoyDALLAS, Jul 15, 2009 / FW/ — Oh no… not another Harry Potter review! Really… the build up for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is so huge, even the coverage of the its premieres, that writing anything more about it seem pandering to fans and readers.

Every publication and every syndication services seem to have a review about Harry Potter already, so why add another one? My only answer to that is that I have done so for so long, not writing one seem out of place. Also, I’m a big fan.

So, what will make this review different from the rest? Last time, I did a fashion point of view, which made sense; but this time, there really is no fashion to speak of. Harry, Hermione and Ron, including most of Hogwarts were wearing jeans.

Surprisingly enough, it was Draco Malfoy who looked good in his black suit; still a teen-ager like the rest of them, but trying to look grown up. For those who had seen the movie or read the book, then you already know that Malfoy had been chosen by Voldemort to do a dastardly thing that is so important it is actually the crucial part of the story, both in the book and in the movie.

Hence, dressing up Malfoy in black and in a suit, which subliminally make him dark and mysterious also added some charm to him. We have always seen him as the ‘bad boy.’ This time, Malfoy was no longer the spoiled rich kid who is an only child. He is a boy trying very hard to be a grown up to save his father.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceAnd quite frankly, Tom Felton, the actor who plays Draco Malfoy was so good in projecting that image that by the time the film ended, you see feel some sympathy for Draco.

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