Hugh Laurie at TV series ''House'' event
Hugh Laurie at TV series ''House'' event

DALLAS, Aug 26, 2009 / FW/ — Now on its sixth season, the popular FOX’s comedy-drama House starring Hugh Laurie will premiere on September 21 with a special two-hour episode wherein Dr. Gregory House is seen in at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital as a patient, not as a doctor.

That of course was a given during the season finale and it is not a surprise to fans. The surprise actually came from Hugh Laurie himself by tweaking the medical caduceus symbol (two intertwined snakes). Instead of the traditional staff, it was replaced with a cane, which is so much a part of the Dr. House character.

The cane caduceus can be seen on FOX’s new website dedicated to House, wherein the only content is a short video documentary on filming the sixth season, a countdown clock for the season premiere and a photo of Hugh Laurie as House wearing a black t-shirt with the cane caduceus.

Another surprise from Hugh Laurie is that he agreed to join a chat room full of fans and answer their questions, an event that was arranged by Patrick Day and Tom O’Neil of the Los Angeles Times’ The Envelope.

In the chat room, Hugh Laurie who jokingly said that he can only type 4 words per minute yet he kept up with 5,899 fans in the traditional chat room. And this is from a guy who experimented with Twitter, but dropped it because it did not work for him, as he said.

Here’s a link to the full transcript: Chat with Hugh Laurie

In the chat, Hugh Laurie confessed that he had googled himself, but does not recommend googling yourself. He also does not watch himself on television, preferring to stay in the garage when House is on while his family watches.

About the Emmys: Hugh Laurie said that he is not frustrated by the Emmys at all and feels great that he is considered. He did not choose the episode that was submitted to the Emmy judges. Confessing that he is not good at watching himself, he canvassed opinions and allowed it to roll.

When asked what are his feelings about House being on its sixth season, Hugh Laurie said that he feels proud and also very lucky for the longevity of House. Commenting that he does not have a favorite episode but he has favorite moments, Hugh Laurie confessed that Wilson on speed his is favorite moment.

And among the canes that he had used in the show, Hugh Laurie likes the flame cane best.


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